Product Updates

The latest product versions and software updates.

In this version of SIMS v7.28, SIMS Software has focused on ISL 2021-02 “SEAD 3” requirements for reportable activities for cleared contractors under DoD cognizance.  Our team has created a two-phased approach to supporting the requirements beginning with this release featuring updated Foreign Travel Web Submission Page; User Interface Enhancements; E-mail notifications and settings; and […]

Friday, February 24, 2023, DCSA posted updates to the DISS website resulting in changes to the DISS Subject Report. For more information, the DCSA notification can be found here: Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency > Information Systems > Defense Information Security System (DISS) (

In this release of SIMS v7.27, SIMS Software has focused on taking the security of our application to even greater heights. With malicious cyber-attacks increasing at alarming levels, we’ve implemented a suite of enhancements to increase the application security. Our team has built in advanced security protocols at both the application and database layers to […]

SIMS version 7.26 provides improved tracking of Foreign Contacts and Travel Status plus Contract Relationships.   A new tab was created in the Contracts Module: DD254 tab, that allows users to track each contract type/relationship related to the overall contract record. The Contract/Relation Type tab is now the first tab displayed after opening the DD254 record. […]

SIMS version 7.25 provides substantial enhancements to improve performance in both the Documents and Containers Modules.  In addition, this version added authentication capability to the Employee Portal in order to simplify the user experience.   This release includes updates to several of the DoD Outgoing Requests Forms.  Additional improvements were implemented to build on all of […]

SIMS version 7.24 provides substantial enhancements to support the Incoming Visitors process using SIMS. Multiple features have been added to the Visitors, Visitor Authorizations and Conferences Modules as well as the incoming Visitor Web submission pages. Increased functionality has been added to display meaningful meeting details and provide visibility into attendee information. The Visitors module […]

SIMS version 7.23.26 introduces the new SIMS Insider Threat utility that defines established threat models. Customers create a library of ranked field values by selecting field and field values from predefined fields in List Management and assigning a point value to the combination.  Customers can also rank clearance levels and accesses.  Any ranked field can […]

SIMS version 7.22 launches our Employee Portal which allows employees the ability to login to a subset of their SIMS personnel record. Employees now have the capability to upload and submit .pdf files to the new Portal tab in their SIMS Personnel record without being a SIMS user.   This self-service environment contains the following […]

SIMS v 7.21 adds significant performance improvements throughout highly used utilities and modules.  Saving records in the Contracts, Documents and Personnel modules is up to an average of 45% faster compared to previous versions.  High performance ‘grid views’ with additional filtering options replaced the existing ‘list views’ in the following areas:  Document Streams, User, LDAP, […]

SIMS version 7.20 includes the new Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification DD Form 254, dated November 2017, in the Contracts module.  Customers can create new DD Form 254s or update existing DD Form 254s already in their SIMS database with the additional 2017 questions and then print either the 1999 or 2017 version. […]