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SIMS Software has been a pioneer in automating industrial security information management since 1983. We are the recognized industry leader in the field, providing the U.S. Government and defense contractors with innovative solutions and systems.

New in SIMS v7.20

SIMS version 7.20 includes the new Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification DD Form 254, dated November 2017, in the Contracts module.  Customers can create new DD Form 254’s, or update existing DD Form 254’s already in their SIMS database with the additional 2017 questions and then print either the 1999 or 2017 version. In order [...]

New in SIMS v7.19

SIMS version 7.19 includes a new foreign travel submission web page that populates foreign travel records on the Foreign Travel tab of the Personnel module.  Additional foreign travel fields have been added for tracking travel status and mode, as well as dates of travel, POC and Contact Information per country.  SIMS now supports international date [...]

New in SIMS v7.18

SIMS Version 7.18 improves the user experience by providing additional support for clearance and access processing, providing new record retrieval features and by improving performance throughout the software.  The processing of clearances and access requests has been streamlined with the addition of a new Program Access Request web submission form that allows requests for clearances and accesses [...]

New in SIMS v7.17

SIMS version 7.17 improves DoD Outgoing Requests by providing automatic notifications and resubmission/renewal tools.  Additional features include support for smart cards for single sign-on, Contracts module updates to include additional task groups and tasks, and the addition of the latest PSQ Templates (1, 2 and 3) in Personnel, Foreign Travel and Foreign Contacts.  In addition, [...]