SIMS Dashboards

Your security domain, in real time.

At SIMS Software, we realize that a superior industrial security program is a 24×7 endeavor. SIMS Dashboards is a powerful business tool that provides real-time visibility, analysis and reporting of your security domain. In addition to strengthening your organization’s security posture, the implementation of Dashboards offers significant business benefits in overall productivity, employee efficiency and regulatory compliance.

With Dashboards, you can quickly generate up-to-date views of security data with the highest levels of granularity, from the enterprise level to specific divisions, sites or data groups. Dashboards empowers you with the freedom and flexibility to tailor your security plans based on real-world metrics and a 360° view of your high-value assets, including:

  • Classified Information
  • Cleared Personnel
  • Visitor Control and Lobby Management
  • Incidents and Insider Threat Data
  • Facilities
  • Contracts
Personnel PR Status
Track personnel clearance periodic reinvestigation status as well as personnel in CE using this tool. This Dashboard will display personnel that are current on PRs, upcoming PRs within the next 90 days or those that are overdue for a PR.
Personnel SA Briefing StatusPersonnelTo identify counts for Personnel by Special Access with filtering by Briefing Status.
Personnel Foreign Travel by CountryPersonnelView personnel who need to be briefed within your organization, facility or department.
Personnel Clearances Granted not BriefedPersonnelView personnel who need to be briefed within your organization, facility or department.
Personnel Clearance by ContractPersonnelReport on personnel clearances submitted and the associated contracts.
Personnel by Contract AssignmentPersonnelIdentify personnel across an enterprise currently working or previously assigned to select contracts.
Personnel TrainingPersonnelIdentify personnel who have and have not completed select training courses.
Personnel Special Accesses Granted not BriefedPersonnelView personnel who need a briefing for special accesses which have been granted.
Personnel Polygraph by Type and AgencyPersonnelSearch for personnel who have a certain type of polygraph, complete or incomplete polygraphs, polygraphs by a select agency and even overdue polygraphs.
Personnel Eligibility and AccessPersonnelReport on personnel within an organization that are in access at different levels as well as those eligible for levels.
Visitors by CitizenshipVisitorsAnalyze visitors by date range and country for a company or select facilities.
Contracts by Value and AgencyContractsAnalyze contract values, contracts by individual agency/sponsor and contract types.
Incident by TypeIncidentsView incidents by different types and facility locations.
Insider ThreatIncidentsView your personnel based on the threat category they fall into set by your SIMS Insider Threat Utility Model in relation to Clearances, Accesses, Contracts, IS System Access, Container Access, Incidents and Foreign Travel and Contacts and more.
Document Transaction MetricsDocumentsPlan for influxes of work based on current and historical reports of document control transactions.
Active Documents by TypeDocumentsQuickly assess document and media holdings per company or facility.