SIMS Workflow

Automate critical processes efficiently

SIMS Workflow is a highly customizable workflow offering that was purpose-built to automate your proprietary processes: inside and outside your security department. Increase productivity and efficiency for your security staff by interacting with your employee population using custom submission forms, automated email notifications, reminders, the ability to create cases, and gather information and approvals. Analyze your critical security processes and task with executive-level dashboards and customizable knowledge views. SIMS Workflow is a powerful automation tool that operates seamlessly with SIMS, supports integration with other applications, and can be custom-built to meet your organization’s needs.

Benefits & Features

  • Solve Unique Challenges – Create custom, scalable unique applications.
  • Timeline – SIMS Workflow provides a time-based approach that automatically predicts delays and helps identify bottlenecks before they occur.
  • Visibility – Using robust reporting features and capabilities, SIMS Workflow allows end-to-end visibility across all processes with executive level dashboards and metrics.
  • Collaboration – Document authorizing, and markup features allow users to collaborate in real time and get notified of the latest actions performed.
  • Audit/Compliance – SIMS Workflow has built-in audit capabilities at multiple levels:
    • Create checks at every point in the processes to ensure industry regulation compliance
    • Track changes in forms that are auditable
    • Always-on audit tracking
  • Templates – Our template-based approach enables faster development of your future processes and accelerates your ROI.
  • Automation – Configurable steps and actions (emails, notifications, script executions).
  • Customer Portal – When you purchase SIMS Workflow you can get access to an enhanced Customer Portal with links to the SIMS Employee webpages.
  • Integrations – Easily integrates with 3rd party applications.
  • All Cases in Each Workflow – Tracks all case data and inputs. Displays or hides data to case roles based on custom rules.

SIMS Workflow is custom built to meet your unique organizational needs and integrates and updates your single system of record SIMS.