SIMS Training Classes

SIMS Software offers virtual and in-person training classes.  The in-person training classes are offered as public or private on-site training classes.

Public Training Classes

SIMS Software offers 2-day public training classes multiple times throughout the year, to provide our customers with opportunities for live training on basic ‘how to’ topics useful to your organization.

Topics covered during the training include:

  • SIMS Basics
  • Performing queries and generating reports
  • SIMS customization
  • Managing cleared facilities and cleared personnel
  • Recording and maintaining classified contracts and forms
  • Material control and container access management
  • Incoming and outgoing visitor control
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Classified information systems
  • Security incidents
  • Controlling locks and keys
  • Security task scheduling and e-mailing of reports

The cost is $1250/student.

The next public training class will be held in Huntsville, AL on 3/20-21/2017. The class is limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 students. To request more information or to register, please contact
If you are unable to attend the class listed above but are still interested in attending a live training session, please let us know and we can add your information to our waiting/notification list. Send an email to

DateLocationCurrent No. AttendeesComplete
1/19-1/20/2017San Diego, CA5X
3/20-3/21/2017Huntsville, AL (Cancelled)
5/4-5/5/2017San Diego, CA (Cancelled)
7/11-7/12/2017Washington, DC area4
9/21-9/22/2017San Diego, CA
11/16-11/17/2017Washington, DC area

Private On-Site Training Classes

If your organization would like to train a group of staff members, private, 2-day on-site SIMS training at your facility is an option to consider. An experienced SIMS Software trainer will come to your facility and train your staff. The SIMS training is completely customizable to suit the business needs of your organization. The advantages of on-site training are convenience and effectiveness in helping staff members to build their SIMS knowledge and skills, with a focus on your specific security requirements, policies and procedures. The requirements of holding a private class at your location are: a minimum of 6 students with no more than 15, a training room that will accommodate the number of students attending, as well as computers/laptops for each attendee.

The price is $1323.75/student (GSA pricing available).

Webex Training

Throughout the year, we hold module specific SIMS training sessions. During this training, our skilled team will review capabilities, features and helpful tips and tricks to allow users to become more familiar with SIMS. The sessions are limited to 100 attendees. The cost ranges from $0-$25/attendee. The sessions run from 1-2 hours. A current software maintenance agreement is not required to attend. If you are interested in attending, please send us an email ( and list the modules you are interested in learning more about and we will send a schedule.


Facilities2/2/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes
Personnel2/21/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes
Documents and Containers2/27/201710:30am PST/ 1:30 pm ESTYes
Contracts3/14/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes
Outgoing Requests3/27/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes
Incoming Visitors4/4/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes
Incidents4/25/201710am PST/ 1 pm ESTYes

To register for a WebEx training class or send a comment/question regarding training, please click here.