New in SIMS v7.27

In this release of SIMS v7.27, SIMS Software has focused on taking the security of our application to even greater heights. With malicious cyber-attacks increasing at alarming levels, we’ve implemented a suite of enhancements to increase the application security. Our team has built in advanced security protocols at both the application and database layers to support our clients in staying ahead of the latest cyber threats.

In addition, the release includes IS Module Updates with a new tab added to the hardware records to track sanitization details for each hardware item. A new Points of Contact tab has been added to the IS Module to support tracking of personnel tied to the IS systems.

SIMS Software is transitioning with the government changes to the system of record for access and eligibility. In order to create consistency with the current and future changes, the former JPAS, current DISS and future NBIS import has been renamed to GSOR, Government System of Record.

For the comprehensive list of feature enhancements included in SIMS v7.27, please login to the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.

SIMS Dashboards:  SIMS Dashboards are available now for download with the SIMS v7.27 release.  For this version of SIMS Dashboards, we’ve focused on customer feedback and have made some technical updates to the release.

Release Downloads: Downloads are available now for both SIMS v7.27 and SIMS Dashboards v7.27.