New in SIMS v7.24

SIMS version 7.24 provides substantial enhancements to support the Incoming Visitors process using SIMS. Multiple features have been added to the Visitors, Visitor Authorizations and Conferences Modules as well as the incoming Visitor Web submission pages. Increased functionality has been added to display meaningful meeting details and provide visibility into attendee information. The Visitors module also provides enhanced features that indicate further reviews are necessary for records or approval restrictions exist.

This release also includes an additional tracking option for Continuous Evaluation (CE) providing assistance with automating the process to ensure that individuals should continue to retain a security clearance or the assignment to sensitive duties. Authentication options were expanded to allow Single-Sign-On using SAML 2.0 for Client. And sending email became more efficient by the addition of SIMS support for Relay/Gateway SMTP Servers.

Visit SIMS v7.24 Release Notes in the Downloads section of the SIMS Software Website to read about all of the exciting details regarding this latest release.

SIMS Dashboards:

Our goal is to post the compatible dashboards release shortly following each SIMS Software release. Your SIMS version and dashboard version need to be the same, so If you are a SIMS Dashboard user please wait for the Dashboard release before you upgrade your SIMS Software or your dashboard will not be supportedContact support for a SIMS Dashboard demo or free 30 day test license.