DISS Subject Report Format Changes – February 24, 2023

Friday, February 24, 2023, DCSA posted updates to the DISS website resulting in changes to the DISS Subject Report. For more information, the DCSA notification can be found here: Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency > Information Systems > Defense Information Security System (DISS) (dcsa.mil/is/diss).

The latest changes made to the DISS Subject Report format resulted in the SIMS DISS Conversion Utility no longer supporting the new file format. The updated format is currently being reviewed by our Functional and Development teams. As soon as our team has identified the changes that are needed to support the new Subject Report format upload into the SIMS GSOR import (formerly JPASS import), the DISS Conversion Utility will be updated by our development team.

Please be reassured that our team is on top of this and will work to get a timely resolution. Once, the DISS Conversion Utility has been updated and tested, we will send out a notification of the new Utility being posted to our website.