New in SIMS v7.23

SIMS version 7.23.26 introduces the new SIMS Insider Threat utility that defines established threat models. Customers create a library of ranked field values by selecting field and field values from predefined fields in List Management and assigning a point value to the combination.  Customers can also rank clearance levels and accesses.  Any ranked field can be marked as a critical risk indicator.  Threat models store a list of field rankings selected from the identified ranked fields in the customer’s rankings library.  Customers then define model thresholds for risk categories such as low, medium, high, and severe or other risk categories.

The Insider Threat utility supports ranking the following fields:

  • Personnel Module: Clearance Cases based on level and status.  Special Accesses based on Name and status.  Foreign Contacts based on Nationality of contacts and Type of contacts, and Foreign Travel based on Countries Visited and Travel Type.
  • Incidents Module: Incident Type, Incident Subject Category and Reference.

SIMS Dashboards v7.23

SIMS Dashboards version 7.23 will contain a series of dashboards based upon a threat model.  Each dashboard will then evaluate each personnel record against the applied threat model and its rankings and total the points for all applicable rankings for each employee.  The dashboard then provides a view of personnel based on the threat level each person falls into and identifies any personnel with critical indicators.  Multiple dashboards then provide the ability to perform further evaluation based on the threat model, threshold and critical risks based on clearance level, accesses, sponsoring agency, as well as to filter by assignment to specific contracts, containers, IS systems, facilities, incident data, foreign travel and contracts and more

Other noteworthy SIMS v7.23 enhancements include:

  • Added the SAP Security Compliance Inspection Checklist (DoDM 5205) to the Internal Inspections section of Host Facilities. For add convenience, the checklist includes links to the referenced sections.
  • Added a user option to allow access to Incident records marked as an Insider Threat Case.
  • Increased the “IS ID” field size in the IS module to 30 characters.
  • Added the IS Parent System field available to IS Hardware External Transfer Receipt report.
  • Added the Project ID to the data displayed for each record in the Contracts picker.
  • Improved visitor check in efficiency by adding the approval status to the Visitor Check In list so officers do not attempt to check in unapproved visitors resulting in a validation error.

SIMS Dashboards:

Our goal is to post the compatible dashboards release shortly following each SIMS Software release. Your SIMS version and dashboard version need to be the same, so If you are a SIMS Dashboard user please wait for the Dashboard release before you upgrade your SIMS Software or your dashboard will not be supportedContact support for a SIMS Dashboard demo or free 30 day test license.

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