SIMS Cloud 4.0

Maintain your SIMS Software solution in a secure, cloud-hosted environment with our SIMS Cloud 4.0 offering. Our flagship product, SIMS is now available in a NIST 800-171 compliant, CMMC 2.0 level 2 ready cloud environment (assessment pending). SIMS Cloud 4.0 provides an economical yet powerful approach to security information management. Take advantage of fast deployment and subscription-based flexibility while reducing the burden on your IT resources.

Why Move to The Cloud?

Enterprise Class Security – SIMS Cloud 4.0 is hosted within a FedRAMP High certified GovCloud hosting facility, designed to host sensitive data and address the most stringent USG compliance requirements. Your SIMS instance will be monitored and maintained by SIMS Software dedicated subject matter experts (US-based). Access is allowed only through authorized user authentication methods (SAML, MFA, etc.)

Compliance and CUI – Built from the ground-up—SIMS Cloud 4.0 is built to allow you to store protected CUI data. Your Cloud 4.0 instance of SIMS resides within our custom-built enclave adhering to NIST 800-171 and CMMC 2.0 Level 2 (assessment pending) within a FedRAMP High hosting facility. SIMS Software will continue to maintain compliance, greatly reducing the overhead of additional compliance-based controls, policies, and monitoring from your internal IT resources.

Single Tenancy – Each customer environment is deployed with dedicated servers, ensuring customer data is completely isolated from any other customer. Only authorized users can access their customer environment.

Scalability – SIMS Cloud 4.0 is ready to support and grow with your organizational needs. Quickly add subscriptions to your environment to enable new users. Remove costly hardware purchases and additional IT resources required to support your increased needs.

Reliability – Hosting SIMS in a FedRAMP High hosting facility allows our customers to leverage enterprise class redundancy, disaster recovery and dedicated resources. Your hosted SIMS application will be monitored and maintained by our team of SIMS Software SMEs as opposed to an often overburdened on-prem IT department, tasked with maintaining a host of other applications.

Improved Access and Collaboration – In today’s world remote workers have become the norm. Hosting SIMS in the cloud provides a path for your staff to access SIMS in a controlled, secure environment, allowing for seamless collaboration, regardless of location, 24 hours a day—7 days a week.

Cost Savings and Predictable Budgeting – Hosting SIMS in our Cloud 4.0 environment eliminates the need for costly capital investment and dedicated IT resources to support the SIMS solution.

Faster Deployment – Our cloud environment supports rapid deployment of SIMS environments, allowing you to meet project deadlines.

SIMS Application Upgrades – Hosting SIMS in the cloud means our team automatically keeps your environment upgraded to latest version of SIMS—included in your subscription cost. This removes the expense of upgrades, eliminates additional work for your IT team and ensures the latest features of SIMS are always available to your staff.

SIMS Cloud offers 17 fully integrated modules:

  • Documents & Materials Tracking
  • Information Systems
  • Locks & Keys
  • Containers
  • Personnel & CE Tracking
  • Visitor Control & Requests
  • Incidents & Insider
  • Facilities
  • Contracts

Additional Features & Benefits

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Over 500 DISA STIGs have been addressed to ensure that SIMS Cloud 4.0 assets are hardened to reduce attack surface and that systems are configured and managed securely.

Isolated and Restricted Network Access

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Each customer environment is isolated from all other customer data. Only authorized users can access their customer environment.

MFA/SAML 2.0 Integration

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Integrate with your own MFA system for enhanced user authentication security.

Enterprise Level Support

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Our SIMS Software support professionals are subject matter experts in how to support and maintain your SIMS environment. Phone, email, and virtual technical support is included in your subscription.