New in SIMS v7.26

SIMS version 7.26 provides improved tracking of Foreign Contacts and Travel Status plus Contract Relationships.   A new tab was created in the Contracts Module: DD254 tab, that allows users to track each contract type/relationship related to the overall contract record. The Contract/Relation Type tab is now the first tab displayed after opening the DD254 record. Customers can define the relationship the DD254 data represents as either a Prime Contract, Sub Contract Received or Generated, or a Performing Facility. Customers must enable this form in Utilities Custom Input Form.

This release also includes the addition of greater visibility into the status of foreign contacts and travel including the dates the status was last updated. This new feature can be used to support workflows for pre- and post- travel reporting and data calls for “on travel” personnel based on world events.  The Personnel Module updates included a view of a person’s Eligibility and Eligibility Date which now appears above the clearance listview in the module. This data can be populated by JPAS import or it can be directly added to the SIMS system for those not using JPAS import.  In addition, this release supports the recently released joint memorandum on Modernizing the Common Access Card and now supports the new EDIPI +6.

For the comprehensive list of feature enhancements included in SIMS v7.26, please login to the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.

SIMS Dashboards:
Our goal is to post the compatible Dashboards release shortly following each SIMS release. Your SIMS version and SIMS Dashboards version need to be the same, so If you are a SIMS Dashboards user please wait for the Dashboards release before you upgrade your SIMS or your SIMS Dashboards will not be supported.  Contact support for a SIMS Dashboards demo or free 30-day test license.