New in SIMS v7.28 and SIMS Dashboards v7.28

In this version of SIMS v7.28, SIMS Software has focused on ISL 2021-02 “SEAD 3” requirements for reportable activities for cleared contractors under DoD cognizance.  Our team has created a two-phased approach to supporting the requirements beginning with this release featuring updated Foreign Travel Web Submission Page; User Interface Enhancements; E-mail notifications and settings; and Bulk travel Export.

Updated Foreign Travel Web Submission Page:  SIMS now displays and allows travelers to update passport information in real time.  Travelers can also update their emergency contact information stored in SIMS Personnel Module.  Expandable and customizable built-In Briefings and Links to Safe Travels information and instructions based on Country listings in DNI World Threat Assessment.  Ability to update itinerary and post-travel questionnaire storing on each trip record within SIMS.

User Interface Enhancements:  SIMS supports new features including Travel Request Number (autonumbering supported); Travel Document Type and Notes, and Per Country Travel Mode; Web Submission Status & Date; Government System of Record (GSOR) Extract Date (DISS bulk upload); Gov’t/DCSA Brief/Debrief Required and Gov’t/DCSA Brief/Debrief Dates; Threat Country designator, Itinerary Tab (supporting multiple itinerary records by date) and new pre and post travel questionnaire s on the forms tab.

New E-Mail Notifications and Settings: Support of configurable E-mails for Pre- and Post- Travel Events in Visitor Control Notifications.  New configurable settings include:  setting the Gov’t/DCSA brief required, when travel includes one or more threat countries; setting pre-travel brief date when Web Submission form and pre-travel questionnaire submitted; and setting post-trave debrief date when Web Submission post-travel form submitted.

GSOR (DISS) Travel Export for Bulk Upload: SIMS will now support increased filtering capabilities.  SIMS will filter travel type (reason) to only include unofficial travel types, and filter records based on date range as well as records previously exported.  SIMS system generate the reports in the required DISS bulk import format.

SIMS Dashboards v.7.28:

In SIMS Dashboards we’ve focused on customer feedback and have made some technical updates in this release. SIMS Dashboards are available now for download with the SIMS v7.28 release.

Release Downloads:

Downloads are available now for both SIMS v7.28 and SIMS Dashboards v7.28. For the comprehensive list of feature enhancements, please login to the ‘Downloads’ section of our website here.