SIMS Lobby

Lower-cost alternative for lobby staff.

SIMS Lobby is a value-added option available with the SIMS Multi-User license. SIMS Lobby provides organizations with a lower-cost licensing alternative and limited module access for lobby staff.

With competing industrial security management products, enterprises must typically pay for a full license for every security guard and entry control staff member who must access visitor information. This becomes an expensive proposition very quickly with multiple lobbies and lobby shifts. SIMS Lobby provides the necessary visitor check-in and badge printing capabilities at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a full Multi-User license for those who handle incoming visitor processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to Incoming Visitor module only
  • Check visitors in/out of the facility
  • Issue badges
  • Verify validity of IDs presented using the document reader integration (3M AT9000).
  • Perform denied party screening on certain visitors, or all visitors during check-in.