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SIMS Modules Available for all Security Functions

SIMS is distributed in a standard configuration that includes all modules shown below. The functionality is identical between the Standalone, Lite, and Multi-user editions. The only restriction is SIMS Lite supports a maximum of 200 personnel and 1000 document records. The Standalone and Multi-user editions support an unlimited number of records in all SIMS modules.


Microsoft SQL Server Database

SIMS is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2014. All editions are supported including the free SQL Express edition. The FSO, as well as other designated SIMS users, have complete oversight and audit capabilities of all business units using SIMS. All database changes are available in real-time because all SIMS users share a common database, securely located behind your corporate firewall, and optionally partitioned by data groups or lines of business.

Different business units can share those data elements that they wish to share across the entire business enterprise (e.g. personnel information) while restricting other data elements to only specific business units and users (e.g. documents, safes, containers, etc.). Each SIMS user account can be configured to provide no-access, read-only access, or full read-write access by module and data group; thereby providing strict need-to-know control on a record-by-record and user-by-user basis

Scalable Architecture

SIMS Multi-user uses a three-tier architecture: SQL Server, IIS middle-tier, and Smart Clients. The SQL Server and IIS middle-tier are typically hosted on a common file server that runs MS SQL Server or MS SQL Server Express. However, the middle tier can be hosted on a separate, or even multiple separate computer platforms, thereby affording maximum flexibility, tailored to your enterprise requirements. Therefore, SIMS Multi-user is truly enterprise-class and scalable, as your organization grows. SIMS has been specifically designed to embrace your IT enterprise architecture and run as efficiently as possible within that architecture. It is because of this enterprise-level efficiency that SIMS has been selected for enterprise-wide deployment by our largest defense contractors and aerospace conglomerates, including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Engility, L-3 communications and others.

Superior Smart Client Replaces Pure Web Interface

SIMS Multi-user uses a Smart Client interface that is superior to both pure web-base and client-server architectures, in that it affords the best features of both of the other architectures. The SIMS Smart Client interface doesn’t require “Administrator Rights” to install and is invoked by clicking on a URL. Microsoft refers to this technology as “ClickOnce”. From the user’s perspective, it’s like running a pure web-based system, in that users go to a book marked URL from their web browser to run SIMS.

SIMS Smart Client ClickOnce updates are automatic and don’t require any user or IT staff interaction. Whenever the SIMS Server application is upgraded, all Smart Client are automatically upgraded, the very next time that the Smart Client is launched via the user’s Web browser. The Smart Client affords a much richer user experience than is possible with pure web-based systems. Perhaps most importantly, the Smart Client interface avoids discrepancies in Java versions, browser versions, wide variations in security settings, pop-up ad blockers, and other potential browser incompatibilities.

SIMS Modules

Classified Document Controldoc-control-1

SIMS provides complete management of classified documents, containers, closed areas, and information systems. Barcode inventories ensure accountable materials are properly stored. Track contract close outs, internal and external transfers, certificates of destruction, downgrades, declassification, loans, and incorporation.

Document Transactions

Document transactions provide receipts, audit logs, and validations to prevent security violations. Transactions include copies, internal transfers, external transfers, tracer letters, destruction, retention, incorporation, and barcode inventories.

Document Audit Trail

Database audit trail tracks every change by user name, time, table, column, and displays before and after values. A functional audit trail provides transaction receipt reprints and return receipt transactions.

PersonnelScreenSIMS provides complete management of cleared personnel. Track multiple clearances (eligibility and access), SCI and SAP special accesses, background investigations, document accountability, training, foreign travel and contacts and employment information. Built in reports allow users to generate courier authorization letters, document accountability listings, Incident summaries, Contractor Position Roster Log, clearance metrics and government forms the PSQ Formats 1, 2 and 3, SF312, Form 4311 and Form 4414. Clearances and special accesses (SCI and SAP accesses) both include a Task List which can be used to create, track and report on scheduled, completed and overdue tasks related to each action needed. The JPAS Import transaction imports select data into SIMS, exported from JPAS. Clearance eligibility levels and dates, as well as special accesses, can be imported into personnel records using the JPAS import wizard.
VisitorScreenSIMS provides complete management of incoming visitors, conferences and meetings, and incoming visit authorizations. Track classified, unclassified, and international visit information. Generate e-mail alerts based on visitor citizenship, visit frequency, and checking in and out. SIMS streamlines the incoming visitor control processes for new and returning visitors as well as incorporates Export control processes. SIMS web registration for incoming visitors allows employees to submit pending visitors through a web browser without having to install client software or use a license.  Pending visitor records can be approved or denied in the Visitor module and a notification can be automatically sent. SIMS supports denied party screening on certain visitors or all visitors by staff at entry locations. Check-In and out visitors for your facility and issue badges.  Included are comprehensive reporting tools for visitor metrics, badge tracking, paperless visitor logs and detailed reports as well.
InformationSystemsSIMS provides management of facility information systems. Track and report on Security Plan and Profile information, Accreditation, Hardware, Software, Users, Classification, Protection level, Network information, Location details, associated Contracts and Accesses. Create detailed access lists with user information to include privileged or general users and users authorized to perform trusted downloads. Print System Access List reports and schedule E-mail delivery of reports to security, program personnel and management. Perform System Audits to track findings and corrective actions and use SIMS reporting tools to chart and store audit data. Store all Hardware and Software details and utilize SIMS hardware and software transactions to track internal and external transfers. Use SIMS reports to baselines and barcode inventories to inventory system hardware.
LocksSIMS provides management of facility keys and locks. The Locks module can track rooms, equipment and other assets. The Keys module can track key type, bitting, key hooks/rings, key access, quantities of keys created, issued, lost, and destroyed as well as detail all key holders and related locks. Transactions within the modules populate and maintain a detailed audit trail for each lock and key record. Built in reports allow users to generate reports on all lost keys and the key holder responsible for them, key access information related to locks, misplaced keys, damage locks and more.
ContainersSIMS provides complete tracking and management of approved security containers and classified areas. Track locations, levels, custodians, combination change dates and expiration dates, alarm testing and access lists. Built-in validations help validate vital information and can prevent inappropriate access list additions. Reporting can be used to generate access lists and container contents.
IncidentsSIMS provides tracking of security incidents and violations, suspicious contacts, adverse information, thefts and facility incidents as well as insider threat indicators. Track detailed information related to the incident, subjects involved (internal Personnel as well as Visitors), disciplinary actions and reporting. The Incident Log tracks related incident reporting from external or government customers and internal personnel such as management, HR and the Insider Threat Senior Program Official.
FacilitiesSIMS provides two facility modules; one to track company facility information and one to track other companies and agencies facility information. Both modules store unlimited addresses and contacts, provide Facility Clearance verification tracking and track Cognizant Security Agency information. The Host Facility module can be used to document the Self-Inspection Checklists for both the JAFAN and NISPOM. Government inspection results can be tracked and reports generated for both Host and Other Facilities.
ContractsSIMS provides complete tracking and management of prime contracts or subcontracts.Track start dates, end dates and retention dates, tasks and related required accesses, internal and external customers, Company and Government Program Security Officer Information, Contracting officers, Program managers and key support personnel. Track and create DD254s and maintain a history of all versions. Built in reports allow users to generate Subcontracts reports, Contract Close Out reports, and Contract by Facility reports.

Concurrent User Licensing

SIMS Multi-user employs concurrent user licensing. You don’t need a license for every user. You only need as many licenses as there are simultaneous SIMS users at any one time. As a bonus, SIMS Multi-user offers unlimited read-only web-browser client access, without any licensing requirement whatsoever. That means that your guard force, entry control staff, scientists and engineers don’t need SIMS licenses to simply look up information in SIMS. Of course they would need to have SIMS user accounts established for them, but their read-only, web-browser access is free. This feature can represent a significant cost savings, as compared to competing products.

Additionally, SIMS Multi-user offers a free of charge web-browser interface for users to submit their outgoing visit requests. This unlimited, free of licensing costs, browser-based feature allows your employees to submit their outgoing visit requests to a SIMS Visit Request Administrator for processing, and then to receive e-mail notification of the processing status of their requests. A similar Incoming Visitor notification web-browser interface provides the ability to notify selected security staff of a known incoming visitors.

Comprehensive Reporting

SIMS is very easy to use. The interface is intuitive, straight-forward and easy to navigate, using icons, buttons, drop-down pick-lists, tabs and menus. SIMS even has a help button that can be selected from nearly every screen that explains the fields on that screen and that offers assistance on how to do particular tasks. Additionally, SIMS comes with over 6-hours of built-in audio-video support to show users how to do particular tasks. These videos can be used in conjunction with the built-in SIMS tutorial database and Training Guide for self-paced or classroom-based SIMS training.

SIMS report generation is incredibly fast. The length of time required to generate most reports is only a few seconds. Longer reports that contain significant amounts of information are automatically queued to run in the background, thereby freeing up the user’s computer workstation to continue with other matters, while the report is being prepared for the printer. SIMS comes with over 200 built-in reports, all of which are completely customizable by the end-user. Additional custom reports can be created by SIMS users and added to the drop-down Reports menus in each SIMS module (Documents, Personnel, Contracts, etc.). SIMS also offers a Ad Hoc, Quick Reports feature for the rapid creation and printing of columnar-style reports than can then be viewed, printed or saved as Excel spreadsheet files.

Password Enforcement and Active Directory (LDAP) Integration

SIMS integrates with existing Active Directory / LDAP systems to eliminate user passwords from the database. You can also choose to use SIMS built-in authentication and restrict passwords based on length, minimum uppercase and lowercase letters, minimum numeric characters, maximum number of consecutive characters, validate against previous passwords, and set a password expiration date. SIMS also supports Single Sign-on (SSO) and Common Access Card (CAC) authentication.

Licensing Schemes

SIMS Multi-User licensing uses a software-based licensing scheme that is based on the maximum number of simultaneously logged in users. The SIMS Standalone and Lite versions use a USB hardware key that can be locked up for added protection.

JPAS Compatible

SIMS has a JPAS Import Wizard to automatically update SIMS personnel clearance information with exported JPAS personnel eligibility and access data.

Database Integration and Migration

SIMS can integrate with existing systems such as PeopleSoft, SAP, or other in-house systems. Share SIMS data via web services, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages, or SQL import scripts that process CSV and Excel spreadsheets. Initial data migration and integration can be supported by SIMS Software’s technical support personnel at no additional charge.

SIMS Software offers Managed Services to support your team during SIMS upgrades and data migrations and to provide consultative services to ensure optimal usage of SIMS program resources.  Call or email to learn how we can help.

NISPOM Validations

SIMS has built-in validations and business rules that enforce every aspect of the NISPOM requirements. Users are prevented from inadvertently making mistakes that could result in security violations (e.g., assigning a classified document to a person that doesn’t have the required access level or security briefings). While these rules are normally all invoked, they can be individually disabled by a SIMS Manager, to tailor SIMS to a particular set of user requirements. Once the validations have been established, SIMS has the ability to continually inspect the database contents in the background, looking for discrepancies and potential violations. SIMS can be configured to periodically send out an automatically generated e-mail that identifies all potential violations and discrepancies to selected SIMS users, based on their Data Group relationship to the various data elements (e.g, discrepancies by business unit or over the entire enterprise).


  • Over 7 hours of training videos covering 60 subjects
  • Training workbook
  • Optional classroom instruction available

 Customer Support

SIMS provides the very best customer support, including the creation of custom reports and adding customer enhancements that benefit all SIMS users, at no additional cost with a service level agreement. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff are committed to meet customer requirements, continually improve products and processes and maintain a commitment to upholding the highest standards. Our team is comprised of seasoned developers and testers, security professionals and responsive support staff.  Our team members have spent many years in the defense industry in engineering and security.

  • E-mail support is available from 5:00am – 5:00pm (Pacific) Monday through Friday.
  • Phone support is available from 6:00am – 5:00pm (Pacific) Monday through Friday.

Data Migration and Integration

SIMS Software provides SQL scripting development services to migrate data from current systems into SIMS including data analysis and mapping (from the previous system to the SIMS database), data verification and training. After the migration is complete, SIMS Software continues to provide additional scripting support, as needs evolve. In conjunction with the scripting services, SIMS can integrate with HR, Foreign Travel and Visitor control databases to automatically update SIMS.

Data Analysis and Notifications

SIMS Software scripting services provide capabilities to compare and analyze data and to notify required staff through automatic E-mail alerts, workflow actions and scheduled reports. Specific scripting options include PR notifications, foreign travel and contacts notifications, security or insider threat concerns, employee notifications of required training and course specifics, annual briefing requirements and much more.

Quality Guarantee

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Full value trade-in for upgrades