SIMS Enhancements in Version 7.20

SIMS version 7.20 includes the new Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification DD Form 254, dated November 2017, in the Contracts module.  Customers can create new DD Form 254s or update existing DD Form 254s already in their SIMS database with the additional 2017 questions and then print either the 1999 or 2017 version. In order to support NIST requirements that apply to some customers, LDAP Single Sign-On and CAC users are displayed the messages from the ‘Block 1’ and ‘Block 2’ fields on the Messages tab of the System Customization utility when they log into SIMS. A substantial number of outstanding items were resolved and SIMS performance was improved by adding data compression, reducing the amount of data sent between the client and the server.

Additional major enhancements in SIMS Version 7.20:

  • Added support for LDAP to the ‘User Lock Out’ feature.
  • Added the ability for the escort name selected in the Check-in Visitor dialog to be accessed from custom badge reports.
  • Allowed the enter/return key to be used in multiple-line fields in the Courier Authorization dialog from the Reports menu.
  • Added additional support for international date formats to most date fields.
  • Corrected additional issues as indicated in the release notes.