New SIMS Updates in Version 7.17

SIMS version 7.17 improves DoD Outgoing Requests by providing automatic notifications and resubmission/renewal tools.  Additional features include support for smart cards for single sign-on, Contracts module updates to include additional task groups and tasks, and the addition of the latest PSQ Templates (1, 2 and 3) in Personnel, Foreign Travel and Foreign Contacts.  In addition, SIMS now supports U.S. Citizens holding dual citizenship to allow briefing of special accesses.

Major enhancements in SIMS Version 7.17:

  • SIMS v7.17 release includes automatic notification and resubmission tools for DoD Outgoing Requests allowing requesters to update and resubmit outgoing visit requests previously submitted. SIMS sends a reminder e-mail to the original requester with a link to the web page to renew the expiring visit request. The NATO visit format and the updated International visit format are now available.
  • Added support for smart cards for single sign-on. Users with smart card linked accounts no longer need a password and can sign on using a smart card such as a Common Access Card (CAC) and PIN.
  • Added Task Groups and Tasks to the Contracts module.  Much like clearance and special access tasks, the new contract tasks are user-defined, track work tasks and required actions that are coming due, overdue or completed, and provide reports and notifications.
  • The latest PSQ Templates 1, 2 and 3 are now available in Personnel, Foreign Travel and Foreign Contacts. Additionally, the Form 4311 was updated to initially populate the Physical Address field to the home address from the affiliated Personnel record.
  • Support for U.S. Citizens holding dual citizenship was added which allows briefing of special accesses that require U. S. Citizenship to eligible dual citizens.
  • Added a Conference Badges report to mass produce badges for a conference.
  • Added the ability to update the Document Project field during Document Transactions.
  • Added new fields as follows:
    • Inventory Date field to the Badges tab in Personnel
    • Oral Attestation date field to Personnel Clearance Cases
    • Location Code field to the Personnel Employment tab
    • Button that copies the SSN text to the clipboard that allows users with read-only access to the record to copy the value