New in SIMS Version 7.18

SIMS Version 7.18 improves the user experience by providing additional support for clearance and access processing, new record retrieval features, and by improving performance throughout the software.  The processing of clearances and access requests has been streamlined with the addition of a new Program Access Request web submission form that allows requests for clearances and accesses to be easily submitted to security. Requests along with a justification, contract, program manager, supervisor and security approval are all tracked on a new Access Request tab in the Personnel module. Overall system performance has been improved with updates to the data caching mechanism and speeding up changing logon roles. A new transaction ‘Load Selection/Save Selection’ has been introduced that allows a quick selection of records in Personnel, Documents and Contracts.

Major enhancements in SIMS Version 7.18:

  • Added a prompt to Quick Reports for the Contracts table that provides an option to include all contracts or to select one contract.
  • Updated the return receipt transaction to allow the sending Host Facility to Return the Document Receipt and reprint transactions when the Document was sent to another Host Facility.
  • Modified the display of inactive contracts to appear in red when listed on the Personnel/Contracts and Vehicles tab.
  • Added a Points of Contact tab to the Cognizant Offices module.
  • Added a built-in Personnel clearance reinvestigation report.
  • Added Clearance Facility ID as another column on Clearance List View of Personnel.