New in SIMS v7.22

SIMS version 7.22 launches our Employee Portal which allows employees the ability to login to a subset of their SIMS personnel record. Employees now have the capability to upload and submit .pdf files to the new Portal tab in their SIMS Personnel record without being a SIMS user.


This self-service environment contains the following components: Clearances, Special Accesses, Contracts, Foreign Travel/Contacts, and Training. Management can provide a custom message welcoming the employee or detailing required employee actions in the portal. Employees can now check their clearance level, last foreign travel date, or training due and submit required paperwork. Personnel login to the Employee portal using Active Directory credentials.

SIMS v7.22

This release includes new forms, performance enhancements, and security enhancements as well as additional features. The Form DD254 April 2018 version was added as another print time option in Contracts and the ‘Pre-Screening Questionnaire’ (PSQ) form was added to the options available on the Forms tab of the Personnel module. Performance enhancements were added for Keys, Document Streams, and Transaction Defaults. System security enhancements were added including new login failures to the Login History, the ‘Password Settings’ dialog accessible from the User Management utility has a new ‘Minimum Changed Characters’ field, the ‘Change Password’ dialog accessible from the main SIMS window has a new Current Password field and support was added for requiring special characters in a password. Additionally, active user sessions will be terminated for users when that user’s account is deleted.

Other noteworthy SIMS v7.22 enhancements include:

  • Updated installers so that a warning message is displayed for Windows versions that are not supported.
  • Added a Contract Value field to the Additional Information tab within the Contracts module.
  • Added an IS Name field to Home tab of the IS module.
  • Added Owner to the column headers on the IS Hardware tab within an IS Module record.
  • Added a Document Category/Prefix list to the List Management utility and added a corresponding field to the Home tab of the input form for the Documents module. The label name of the field is determined by the country selected in System Customization.
  • The user can now select whether to login again or exit the application following a session timeout for inactivity.

Continuous Evaluation:

Please rest assured that we are aware of the memorandum from early June of 2018 jointly issued by the Director of National Intelligence, in his capacity as the Security  Executive Agent, and the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, in his capacity as the Suitability & Credentialing Executive Agent (Executive Agents) directing the implementation of interim measures intended to mitigate the existing backlog of personnel security investigations at the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB). SIMS Software is tracking the guidance associated with Continuous Evaluation and our team is ready to implement needed changes once the executive order and implementation guidance have been released. In the interim, please contact our support team for options for tracking CE.

SIMS Dashboards:

Our goal is to post the compatible dashboards release shortly following each SIMS Software release. Your SIMS version and dashboard version need to be the same, so If you are a SIMS Dashboard user please wait for the Dashboard release before you upgrade your SIMS Software or your dashboard will not be supported.  Enhancements coming to include Personnel Training, Polygraphs, Contract Values, and Special Accesses.  Contact support for a SIMS Dashboard demo or free 30 day test license.

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