New in SIMS v7.16

SIMS version 7.16 supports the NISPOM Change 2, including the new Insider Threat requirements. Improvements in v7.16 include SAP Personnel billet management and enhancements to the DoE and Visitor modules. Visitor signatures can be captured with a new electronic signature device. SIMS reporting capabilities have been upgraded allowing additional features and enhanced performance.

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Major enhancements in v7.16:

NISPOM Change 2, including Insider Threat Requirements

  • Added the new NISPOM Change 2 checklist and manual to Host Facilities, including Section Y for Insider Threat.
  • Added Insider Threat Program Senior Official (ITPSO) fields.
  • Added an Insider Threat Indicators report to provide a specialized subset of data stored in SIMS that may be indicative of a potential threat.
  • Added the ability to create an Insider Threat Case Incident with restricted access.
  • Added fields to the Incidents module to provide additional tracking and filtering of incidents to identify potential insider threats.

Incoming Visitor Enhancements

  • Added a new Lobby-Only licensing capability to give incoming visitor control employees limited access at a reduced license cost.
  • Added option for visitor to sign an electronic signature pad at check in and store the signature and custom text within the database.


  • Created a new web page that allows users to submit DoE visit requests via the web.
  • Added approve, reject and transmit capabilities in the DoE module similar to DoD Outgoing Requests.
  • Updated DoE client module to reflect the DoE visit request form.


  • Added billet management in the Contracts module which tracks billets assigned to Personnel Special Accesses.
  • Auto-generates billets based on the next available number in the applicable stream.
  • Added a display of all billets assigned to Personnel Special Accesses by Contract for billets currently assigned and inactive.


  • SIMS reporting capabilities have been upgraded allowing additional features and enhanced performance
  • NOTE: Custom reports created before v7.16 may require an update. Please contact the SIMS Software Support team prior to upgrading.