New in SIMS v7.15

SIMS Version 7.15 improves the functionality of the Incoming Visitors, Cleared Personnel and the DoD Outgoing Requests modules to expand reporting, notifications and process tools.  An additional approval role for foreign visitors has been added to the incoming visitor functionality as well as an Export tab and fields for tracking related information on foreign visitors. A new Polygraph tab has been added to the Cleared Personnel module with the ability to link a polygraph with Clearance Cases and Special Accesses.  The KMP function has been updated to assign KMP based on the Clearance Case facility which allows one individual to be tracked under multiple SMO codes and to print on individual Facility KMP reports. Additional fields have been added to the DoD Outgoing Requests module and web-based OVR submission tool, to support the current International Visit Request.

For a complete list of changes in v7.15 Click Here

Major enhancements in v7.15:

Incoming Visitors:

  • Added enhancements for Foreign Nationals/Persons in the Visitors module.
  • Added export compliance fields to Incoming Visitor registration web page.

Cleared Personnel:

  • Added Personnel Clearance Eligibility level and Eligibility Date Read Only fields to Clearance Cases that display the values populated by the JPAS Import Transaction.
  • Added a new Polygraph tab with a list view of polygraphs. Added a polygraph record picker and fields in Special Accesses and Clearances Cases to allow the supporting polygraph to be linked to the Clearance and Special Access. Added the new polygraph fields to Quick Reports and the Personnel Detail Report.
  • Added the ability to select one or more Special Access Status when running a Quick Report on the Personnel Special Access Table.
  • Added capability to allow KMP Personnel to be tracked as KMP for multiple Host Facilities and updated the KMP report.

DoD Outgoing requests:

  • Replaced Outgoing Visit Request International format with the Form U-1201 and added more fields to the International tab to support the new form.
  • Added a new OVR web page for employee submission of International Visit Requests.

Here is a video of the new SIMS v7.14 and v7.15 features.