New in SIMS v7.14

The enhancements in SIMS v7.14 are focused around Incoming Visitor Control. This new version includes denied party screening of incoming visitors by leveraging a denied parties screening web service. A links tab has been added to Visitor records to capture items such as the hardcopy Visit Authorizations received and other documents related to visitors such as training records, citizenship verifications and more. The SAP Format 2 form has been added to the Personnel module. Reports in every module can now be disabled system wide.

For a complete list of changes in v7.14 Click Here

Major enhancements in v7.14:

  • Within the Incoming Visitor module, a feature was added that provides an option for users to not store ID values in SIMS during the check-in transaction.
  • Users can capture Visitor ID photo using the 3M ID reader for existing Visitor records during Check In Transactions.
  • The SAP Format 2 has been added to the Personnel module Forms tab.
  • A feature to provide a warning when user attempts to copy more than one record at a time was added.
  • A User Setting was updated to allow editing of all Personnel Clearance Cases.
  • Within the Documents module, users can now arrange the order of Special Accesses. This will allow the Special Accesses to print a desired way on reports and receipts.
    Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Added report configuration options including the ability to disable individual reports.
  • Improved the save performance in Containers, Facilities, Visitors, and Visit Authorization modules.
  • Integrated a denied parties screening web service into the Visitor Check In process.
  • Added a Links tab in Visitors module.
  • Added the ability to create Quick Reports with fields that contain commas and have the data export to a csv file in the correct columns.


Here is a video of the new SIMS v7.14 and v7.15 features.