New in SIMS v7.13

The enhancements in SIMS v7.13 primarily focus on government forms required for briefings (SF312 and DD 4414), reporting requirements (PSQ templates) and access requests (updated SAP Program Access Request form). It also includes the ability for users to log in using two-factor authentication. Additionally, improvements have been made to the Incoming Visitor Check In and Check Out Transactions for more efficient incoming visitor control processing.

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Major enhancements in v7.13:

The following new forms have been added to the Personnel module:

  • The SF-312, new PAR Form (dated November 20, 2014) and Form 4414 have been added to the Personnel Forms tab. These forms are pre-populated with required personal information are editable, printable and stored directly within the applicable personnel record.
  • In addition, the PSQ 1 Foreign Affections Form dated November 2014 (new SAP 20), PSQ 2 Foreign Associations form dated November 2014 (new SAP 27) and PSQ 3 Foreign Travel Form dated November 2014 (new SAP 6), have been added to Personnel Foreign Travel/Foreign Contact Forms.

From a Reports perspective, enhancements include:

  • Performance improvements for customers running built-in reports on large databases.
  • A built-in ‘Personnel Foreign Travel’ report.
  • A modified DoD Outgoing Request form to conform to new government requirements that adds the required birthplace country to the visitor’s birthplace.

CAC authentication has been added and can be enabled in System Customization. Note: the utilization of CACs has been tested, but the technology used to enable this capability should work for other smart cards.

Added a Special Access tab to Personnel Quick Find providing additional filtering options related to Special Accesses. Filtering can now be performed connecting Special Accesses to important dates (briefed, debriefed, etc.), Contracts, Sponsors and other related fields.

The latest features made to the Visitors module include new features to improve efficiency:

  • The ability to check out multiple visitors at once was added.
  • This version includes the ability to toggle between the Visitor Check In and Check Out transactions.
  • For those customers using the 3M AT9000 ID Readers to validate Visitor IDs, the Visitor Check In transaction includes the latest Assured ID software features, including Duplex Mode.
  • When Issue T-Badge is selected, the Personnel photo is now pulled in with the other details so it can be printed on a temporary badge.