New in SIMS v7.12

SIMS v7.12 focuses on Information Assurance and system hardening requirements and improves system performance, primarily with the Personnel module for larger databases.  The JPAS Import transaction has been updated to process the import in batches for larger SMO codes and the current JPAS report can now be read directly into the SIMS JPAS Import Wizard. Features requested by multiple customers to comply with changing requirements have also been added.

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Major enhancements in v7.12:

  • Updated web services to remove cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, specifically targeting input without proper validation.
  • Added a feature to allow a SIMS Administrator to end a user’s session by logging in to the session log web pages.
  • Added a login lock out feature that can be configured in the System Customization System tab.
  • Replaced date controls to allow web services to run as native 64-bit processes.
  • Improved the performance of Personnel module saves and added an option to display module records only after search and not on module open.
  • Added a JPAS Import option to process records in batches of a specified maximum size. This value is set in the System Customization Personnel tab.
  • Added the ability to select more than one Personnel or Visitor when adding Personnel/Visitors to a container.
  • Added a ‘Commercial Delivery’ checkbox in List Management Document and IS ‘Send’ methods and changed the description for the Facility checkbox in the Access Control tab to ‘Approved by CSA for Commercial Delivery of Classified Material’. When executing a Document External Transfer, IS Hardware External Transfer, or IS System External Transfer transaction, a warning will appear if the sending or receiving Facility does not have the approval and the send method ‘Commercial Delivery’ option is checked.
  • Added an option to print ‘Remarks’ on DoD Outgoing Requests.
  • Added capability to record multiple activity periods for the same contract in the Contract/Vehicles tab in the Personnel records.
  • Added a user configuration option to prevent the Reports menu from being selectable in any of the SIMS modules.
  • Added a system configuration options to warn and/or limit the generation of large reports.


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