New in SIMS v7.11

SIMS v7.11 includes a number of enhancements to the Personnel, Incidents and Containers modules. The Form 4311 and SAP Forms 6, 20 and 27 were added to the Personnel module. In addition, a Task List tab was added within the Special Access tab to track all tasks related to processing Special Accesses. To improve functionality and performance, the .NET Framework was upgraded to version 4.0.

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Major enhancements in v7.11:

  • The Form 4311 has been added to the Forms tab within the Personnel module.
  • SAP Form 6, 20 and 27 were added to the Foreign Travel tab within the Personnel module.
  • The .NET Framework was upgraded to version 4.0 for improved functionality and performance.
  • Personnel Special Access tasks can now be tracked on the Task List tab within the Special Access portion of the Personnel module.
  • An Alarm Test tab was added to the Containers module to track alarms and alarm tests.
  • The Document Transaction Receipt Return (external and internal) can now run in a loop when users conduct multiple returns at once.
  • Quick Reports have been re-architected to run faster.
  • The Host Facility NISPOM self-inspection checklist has been updated with NISPOM conforming change number 1 and ISLs.
  • The Incidents module now includes a Disciplinary Action field, a Contract picker, and a report log with a Subject picker to track incidents reported to customers and other entities.
  • The IS module now contains a Contracts tab and Contracts list view.
  • The Visitor Check-in Transaction now allows users to issue employee temporary badges (T-Badges).
  • Users now have the ability to access SIMS using Single Sign On capabilities using LDAP.


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