New in SIMS v7.10

SIMS v7.10 introduces Phase II of the Lobby Management suite. Significant enhancements were made to the Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conferences and Meetings modules. The enhancements include: New Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conferences and meetings can be submitted through the new web pages without a SIMS license; Approvals by the new user role “Incoming Visit Request Administrators” can be required for submitted Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conference and Meetings; E-mail notifications can be enabled to automatically send e-mails based on events in the visitor process from submission to check out.  A Visitor Control utility was added to configure the options for Lobby Management.

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Major enhancements in v7.10:

  • Users with read-only access to the Visitors module can create new visitor records using the 3M ID Reader.
  • Automatic approval can be set for authorized visitor categories.
  • The Lobby Management role-based approval system tracks approval and rejection of pending visitors, conference attendees and visit authorization visitors.
  • An e-mail notification feature to notify the appropriate people of all aspects of visitor activities.
  • Visitors, Visit Authorizations and Conferences and Meetings records can be created via a web user interface, including the capability to import large numbers of visitors from Excel spreadsheets or text files.
  • A Classification field was added to the web submission for DoD Outgoing Requests.
  • Personal e-mail and personal cell phone fields were added to the Personnel module.
  • Special Accesses and related validations were included in the Conferences and Meetings module.
  • Visitor escorts can be required to be authorized.
  • Enhanced Personnel Basic Quick Find date searches.


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