New Features Added to SIMS Version 7.19

SIMS version 7.19 includes a new foreign travel submission web page that populates foreign travel records on the Foreign Travel tab of the Personnel module.  Additional foreign travel fields have been added for tracking travel status and mode, as well as dates of travel, POC and Contact Information per country.  SIMS now supports international date formats in reports and most of the user interface for SIMS customers with divisions in other countries.  Quick Report now allows users to format the report as an Excel (.xlsx) file.  Host Facility records now display all associated Key Management personnel on the Key Security/KMP tab.

Major enhancements in SIMS version 7.19:

  • Added Personnel Advanced Quick Finds for the following Access Request fields: Access Request Status, Access Request Security Approval Status, Access Request Prime Task Leader Approval Status, Access Request Supervisor Approval Status, Access Request Contract ID, Access Request Facility ID, Access Request Clearance Level Requested, and Access Request Special Accesses Requested.
  • Added Program Access Request table and filtering to Quick Report for the Personnel module.
  • Added an option to automatically add the wildcard character (%) to the end of the value to search for in Quick Find in the Personnel module.
  • Added separate settings in System Customization to identify which visitor fields should be visible on webpages when submitting a visitor for Conferences and Visit Authorizations.
  • Added the Investigated Date field to the list view on the Clearances tab in the Personnel module.
  • Included From and To Date(s) as well as Contact Name as search options on the Incoming Visitor webpage.