SIMS Software to Exhibit at IMPACT 2019’s Security Awareness Fair & Expo

NSI’s annual IMPACT 2019 Forum is just around the corner. This year’s event will take place April 15-17 at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia with the theme of Safeguarding U.S. Secrets in the Cyber World. SIMS Software is pleased to be part of IMPACT’s Security Awareness Fair and Expo, offering resources for the security challenges of today and tomorrow. This annual event is essential for government and contractor security directors and managers who are responsible for protecting classified and sensitive information assets from threats posed by espionage, terrorism, computer crime and information warfare.

Notable speakers and presentations at IMPACT 2019 include:

  • DSS: Developing a Risk-Based Approach To Industrial Security
    • Daniel E. Payne, Director, Defense Security Service
  • Changing Nature of Cyber Threats: What FSOs Need to Know
    • Christopher Krebs, Director, DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
  • How to Comply with the DSS Risk Management Framework
    • Karl Hellmann, Asst. Dep. Dir., NISP Authorization Office, DSS
  • U.S. Secrets Under Siege from Nation- State Hackers, Spies
    • William Evanina, National CI Executive Director, NCSC
  • DoD Security Program Policy Update
    • Garry P. Reid, Director for Defense Intelligence, DoD Intelligence and Security, OUSD
  • Chinese Espionage: Growing Risks to U.S. Defense Companies
    • FBI Counterintelligence Division
  • Annual State of the National Industrial Security Program
    • Mark Bradley, Director, Information Security Oversight Office