SIMS Software Introduces the SIMS Employee Portal

SIMS Software has introduced the SIMS Employee Portal, a self-service personnel tool that significantly increases productivity for security departments. The SIMS Employee Portal is now available in SIMS v7.22 at no additional cost and does not require the use of an existing concurrent SIMS license.

Access to individual SIMS Personnel records was previously limited to SIMS users, such as FSOs and PERSEC staff. These individuals already have numerous responsibilities for facility and personnel security without the added burden of fielding individual employee requests. As a self-service feature, the SIMS Employee Portal frees up security staff by empowering employees to review and validate personnel data stored in SIMS, such as clearance status, foreign travel and training records. Any employee with a SIMS Personnel record can be granted read-only access to the Employee Portal to view a portion of their records and even upload .pdf files needed by Security.

By taking advantage of the SIMS Employee Portal, customers can create a measurable boost in efficiency, help keep personnel records updated in a timely manner, and increase the productivity of security staff.

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