SIMS Software Advisor, Dave Komendat, Former CSO at the World’s Largest Aerospace Company Talks How to Tackle Insider Risk – ClearanceJobs Podcast

September 20, 2023 — It’s National Insider Risk Awareness Month, a month where companies and government agencies step out and look to step up their insider risk understanding. ClearanceJobs chatted with Dave Komendat, the former Chief Security Officer at Boeing, currently the president of DSKomendat Risk Management Services, and recently named as an advisor for SIMS Software, a leading security information management system supporting the national security community and commercial sector in addressing insider risk.

Insider threats are nothing new, and Komendat spent a career addressing security from a variety of levels. He learned the important art of not just understanding risk, but being able to convey it to the c-suite – which is a critical aspect of developing a successful security program. For too long, security was a stove-piped function without the proper crossover into other key company functions, like IT and human resources. Komendat talks about making the shift and other practical considerations for security programs and officers today.

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“I think probably the most important thing is you’ve got to create a seat at the table for yourself – you’ve got to demystify the security function. There’s a tendency at times for security to silo themselves within a company to be unnecessarily secretive when they don’t need to be. And I think one of the things that I learned early in my tenure was for me to be successful within the corporation, for my organization to be successful, we really had to be transparent and we had to talk about the things that we did. We had to show our value proposition to the company and we had to run our business just like any other business in the company.” – Dave Komendat, president, DSKomendat Risk Management Services and advisor at SIMS Software.

Originally published September 20, 203, by Lindy Kyzer, ClearanceJobs