Management Team

Celebrating more than 40 Years of Leadership in Security.

Michael Struttmann

CEO and President

As CEO and President of SIMS Software, Michael Struttmann leads the implementation of the company’s vision and strategy, worldwide business development initiatives, and overall operations. Michael is a veteran of the enterprise security and software industries, bringing over two decades of experience in executive positions. Prior to joining SIMS Software in 2016, he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America, for Powa Technologies. Michael spearheaded the launch of the company’s mobile and tablet point-of-sale technologies in the North American market, encompassing sales channel strategies, distribution, pricing models, and overall product direction.

Michael also served as District Manager, Enterprise Accounts for RSA, a global cybersecurity leader with over 90% market share in the Fortune 500. His team of enterprise sales executives consulted with clients and sold proprietary solutions for business risk, fraud prevention, cybercrime, identity and access management, and more for RSA’s largest customers.

Michael’s experience includes senior leadership positions in FINTECH. During his tenure as Vice President and Director, Global Market Development, for Semtek Innovative Solutions Corp., Michael led the team that successfully took the company’s patented credit card encryption technology to market. Semtek was eventually acquired by Verifone Systems, the market leader in payment solutions; Semtek’s technology became the foundation for Verifone’s VeriShield Protect. Michael joined Verifone as Vice President of Sales, Global Security Solutions, and established an industry standard in credit card security by contracting eight of the top 11 U.S.-based payment processors. He also founded a consortium of payment industry stakeholders to address ongoing opportunities and challenges in credit card security.

In 2024, Michael joined the National Security & Intelligence Executive Roundtable for the Bush School DC, Texas A&M University’s new teaching site that offers graduate students a path to public service careers in national security, intelligence, diplomacy and foreign policy. Since 2022, Michael has been a member of the Intelligence & National Security Alliance’s (INSA) Security Policy Reform Council (SPRC) which seeks to transform the paradigms that govern the design and execution of security policy and programs. He is an active member of NCMS, the society of industrial security professionals, and InfraGard, a FBI-affiliated nonprofit organization dedicated to critical infrastructure protection. He served on the board of directors of the FBI San Diego Citizens Academy from 2017-2020 and President in 2020.