Management Team

Celebrating more than 40 Years of Leadership in Security.

Julia McDonald

Director of Cloud Operations

Julia McDonald is responsible for spearheading the growth of the SIMS Cloud offering for the flagship software application, SIMS. Through her cloud strategy expertise, consulting, and technical knowledge she leads the cloud pre-sales efforts to help secure new cloud business opportunities. She oversees all client cloud-hosted SIMS Software Services’ strategic planning, architecture, design, problem resolution, deployment, and management, as well as compliance, disaster recovery, scaling, and planning for CMMC and NIST requirements. Julia oversees the support and implementation teams, which work directly with our key customers with the goal of providing an exceptional experience that encourages repeat business and long-term relationships.

Prior to joining SIMS Software in 2022, she worked as the Director of Technology for Verifone’s point-of-sale solution where she managed all aspects of the teams that were responsible for their payment encryption product, which included IT, operations, development, QA, and the implementation staff. There she helped to grow the product from inception to an industry leading product that is currently processing over one billion transactions per month.

Julia is a dynamic and seasoned technology executive with more than 20 years of experience in security, information technology, and engineering management whose prior work includes companies such as Semteck Innovative Systems, EWI Holdings, Inc., InteliGro, and DreamWorks SKG.